Top Winner 2014


 Law student at O.P. Jindal Global University

 Plant Community


Creative Strategist and Creative Director in advertising

Remember Ramanujan?

3. Tim Rhodes

Student, bachelor focused on ecology

Timeless principles and change

4. Nataliia Shulga

Head of Marketing and Communications Department in Irgiredmet OJSC

Technologies-2024 for Knowledge Workers in the Marketing Industry

5. Amogunla Oluwafemi Kayode

Actor, poet and voice-over artist

Letter to the Future Manager

6. Marton Manyai

Supervisor and business coach

Peter Drucker Challenge application


VP of Administration of the California Institute of Advanced Management

Student Consulting: Delivering Tomorrow’s Talent, Today

9. Didit


Scanning TV

12. Wolfgang Sieberth

Educational Advisor, Culture Goes Europe (CGE) e.V.

Its not about teaching, its about supporting a learning process!


Founder of TechClass Nigeria and social entrepreneur

Empowering Teachers using an innovative platform